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In the heart of Neutral Bay

Traditional Thai - Thai Taywa Thai Massage Neutral Bay


$60 for 30 Mins / $75 for 60 Min/ $100 for 90 min

Let your mind wonder and your body drift as you indulge in the pleasure of a Thai relaxation massage. Our trained masseurs will guide your body on a refreshing and enjoyable journey to complete relaxation.

Thai massage is both energizing and relaxing; the practice of Thai massage is based on the application of deep rhythmic and static pressure to the body. Additionally, Thai massage incorporates elements of yoga stretches into its practice, this has been said to allow for recipients of Thai massage to experience the benefits of yoga without the effort.

Thai Remedial - Thai Taywa Thai Massage Neutral Bay


$85 for 60 Mins, $125 for 90 Mins, $170 for 2 Hrs
Allow your body to recuperate, dive in to the soothing and invigorating processes of a Thai remedial massage. Jump-start the process of healing and alleviate discomfort in your body.

A deeper type of massage performed by qualified masseurs trained in rehabilitation. Thai remedial massage is ideal for helping the body return to form following injury or trauma. Thai remedial massage incorporates a number of elements, deep tissue work, trigger point manipulation, and stretching form the basis for this healing type of massage.

*Booking is essential

Foot Reflexology in Neutral Bay


$58 for 30 Mins / $70 for 60 Mins
There is nothing more enjoyable and therapeutic after a long day’s work then a foot massage. Our masseurs are trained and experienced at providing foot massages, using the principles of reflexology, that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for more of life.

Reflexology is a pressure treatment for the feet that involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points located in the foot. Each point corresponds on a physical level to certain other areas in the body, using this principle the foot massage reflexology allows for total body relaxation and benefits.

Aromatherapy Oil in Neutral Bay

AROMATHERAPY HOT OIL (relaxing,light pressure) with Coconut Oil

$60 for 30 Mins / $85 for 60 Mins/ $ 125 for 90 min

Give in to the wonderful sensations that only an oil massage can create. The oil will send you into a deeply peaceful and relaxed state, in which one can reconnect with their inner selves.

Oil relaxation massage is gentle and uses a variety of different techniques all aimed at improving circulation, reducing stress, and increasing relaxation. Oils used are organic and natural, made from only the finest sources of edible organic oils.

Swedish in Neutral Bay

SWEDISH MASSAGE (light pressure)

A classic style of massage for a reason, Swedish massage gives the opportunity for a diversion to the stresses of life while simultaneously offering a quite area of respite and relief for your mind.

This massage goes beyond relaxation, Swedish massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood while simultaneously decreasing muscle toxins, improving lymphatic and blood circulations, and increasing flexibility. Muscles are relaxed by applying pressure to them. This massage and light pressure is aimed in the same direction as the blood flow returning to the heart, this technique produces an extremely relaxing and beneficial massage.

Thai Sport in Neutral Bay

Performing at ones optimal ability is the desire of athletes of all sorts, by undertaking a sports massage your inner athlete will be empowered to perform at its highest level.

Sport medicine massage is perfect for addressing the specific needs of athletes; the massage includes elements of Swedish massage, cross-fiber friction massage, deep compression, and trigger point therapy. This type of massage is ideal to be undertaken during training and before or after an athletic event. The massage will help to enhance athletic performance, and promote healing and recovery from strain or injury.


$60 for 30 Mins / $85 for 60 Mins / $125 for 90 Mins

Perfect for when your body craves a deeply relaxing experience; let the heated stones melt away the stresses and strains of your body and mind.

This specialty type of massage offers unique elements to the experience of receiving a massage. The use of heated stones allows for greater penetration of relaxation to the deeper parts of the muscles and connective tissues, this ensures a deep relaxation experience. Heated stones are also placed at specific points along your spine, in the palms of your hand, and on your body to improve the flow of energy in your body.


$60 for 30 Mins / $89 for 60 Mins
Achieving a natural glow is something that everyone wants. Our masseurs are specially trained in providing relaxing and effective facial massages that will leave you feeling and looking like a million dollars.

Purify, rejuvenate, and nourish your face to come away with a unique natural glow. The skin is brightened and lifted to create an enhanced natural look. The massage incorporates the use of the highest quality organic herbal products to alleviate stress and produce stunning results.


$60 for 30 Mins / $89 for 60 Mins
This treatment will leave you feeling like a newer and more revitalized version of yourself. Strip away all the drab layers and be left with beautiful and glowing skin.

Revitalize the skin and sooth the soul with an invigorating exfoliation experience. Using the finest herbal products to remove old skin cells encourages the production of new healthy cells, boosts circulation and increases the vitality of the skin. Once you have experienced this process you will be left with a newer, healthier presence.



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